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Forex is a relatively new and young market compared to other markets. Although it is a new market compared to other deep-rooted markets, it has been the most traded market in the world in a very short time.


Lord Fx Limited is a London-based company with a broad vision of the British Commonwealth epaulette. Lord FX is a brokerage company serving the global foreign exchange, commodity and CFD markets in 19 different markets in the present day with the beginning of the calendar year of 2006 with London origin. It has a paid capital of £ 12,000,000. Lord Fx Limited is periodically audited by leading auditing bodies recognized in international standards. Lord Fx Limited serves its investors according to Corporate Governance Principles with its high quality service concept, strong financial structure and specialized staff. Lord Fx Limited, one of the leading companies in the sector, accepts investors from 19 countries. We accept investors from countries covered and valid by our relevant CFA license. You are stronger with Lord Fx in global currency, commodity and CFD markets.


Lord FX Limited is a global brokerage firm with a strong financial structure, transparent working standards and customer satisfaction to the maximum level. Lord Fx Limited aims to be the leading guide in your investments with its expert staff, strong technological infrastructure and wide product range. With Lord Fx, you are never alone in the markets. Special investment adviser and customer representative are appointed to our investors from the expert staff who serve within the body of Lord Fx Limited by removing the obstacles between you and the global financial world, contributing more to the analysis-evaluation process of our investors and providing a perfect service understanding. Lord Fx Limited serves its investors with specialized market professionals and strong training staff to understand market dynamics and improve financial literacy. Don't stay behind the financial markets with our result-oriented approach and fast-paced principle. Experience the privilege of investing in global markets.


Lord FX brings global financial markets to your home business and mobile devices in the most perfect way. It serves to the optimum level investors in your investments in global financial markets. In the forex markets with a high level of risk, Lord Fx has set as a primary objective of increasing the financial literacy level of its investors by increasing the level of financial literacy and organizing various trainings in order to form a cornerstone of successful investment in global markets. Lord Fx offers its investors the global exchange commodity and CFD markets with low funding, high leverage and one-to-one educational advantages in order to prevent victimization. Lord Fx is committed to serving you as a master of your investment.


Our vision is to make Lord Fx a global brand within the scope of financial intermediation services. Lord Fx is the pioneer company in the sector and provides service with its expert staff of market professionals. With our transportation network and perfectionist service principle, it is our vision targets to serve as an intermediary that provides services to investors all over the world as well as mediating your financial transactions in the medium to long term. Lord Fx offers individual portfolio management and investment consultancy services in global forex markets with its innovative perspective. Portfolio management and investment consultancy services are provided within the scope of stress and conformity testing.

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